3 Health tips for busy entrepreneurs and hard working professionals who want to improve productivity

3 Health tips for busy entrepreneurs and hard working professionals who want to improve productivity


Do you know that you can improve your work productivity in less time than you think? It’s a very frustrating feeling when you have worked all the hours’ god sends and you come to the end of the day and you are no way near finishing that forever long to do list! What if you had all the energy to complete all that you set out to achieve, what would that look like for your business and also your work projects?

Here are 3 Health tips for busy entrepreneurs and hard-working professionals who want to improve productivity!



Let me ask you when was the last time you got your full 7-9 hours of sleep a night? How has your sleep been for the last three nights? Getting a good night’s sleep is the key to looking and feeling our best!

– FACT –

‘Nearly a third of the UK’s population is suffering from insomnia which is affecting their health.’ It said that a survey of the nation’s sleep habits found that 30% are severely sleep deprived, putting them more at risk of mental health and relationship issues.’

Now I know it is very challenging when we have kids and having uninterrupted sleep is considered a luxury, (I too feel your pain), but there is always ways around things. Rally around beloved family and arrange a once week sleepover for your little un(s). This will not only provide something for your little angel(s) to look forward to as they go to nanny and granddad’s for the night but it will also lighten those Asda bags around your eyes.

If you can guarantee yourself at least 1-2 nights of decent kip a week then wow, this will see your productivity go through the roof! Try it! I dare you to have a full nighter within the next 7 days. When you wake up feeling human again, you will never want to go back to feeling meh again!

– How To Get More Sleep?-

  • Turn off Netflix! Yes you heard me right and I don’t care if you have just one more episode to finish the series
  • Start turning off ALL technology from a reasonable time. The LED lights that we look at if it’s dark outside makes us think that it’s still daytime which messes up our internal body clock! Smartphones and tablets disrupt sleep, in part, because they emit what’s known as “blue” light. This light is picked up by special cells behind our eyeballs, and it communicates to the brain that it’s morning. (Red light, meanwhile, signals that it’s time to go to sleep). What is a reasonable time you ask? I suggest 9:30pm. ‘Whaaaat’ I hear you shout out loud! If you feel that resistance then great. Push through it and your future morning self will forever thank you the whole of the next day. Trust me.
  • Have a bath, hot shower or get to a sauna! Warmth stops pain signals from the nerves and makes muscles relax. We all have muscle contractions and a little pain in our neck, back, hip area and legs; because being bipedal is really hard on our body. So stepping into a hot shower, bath or a sauna is very nice, because the stress on our body feels less bad.




The TO-DO list. The bane of our lives. It seems like it was created whilst at school and we still haven’t got to the end of it! Most entrepreneurs and hard-working professionals have one, in fact I don’t know anyone who hasn’t but is this classic productive tool as productive to have as we think or does it just makes us feel even more overwhelmed in an already very busy working lifestyle?

– The way around it? Make 3 lists out of the 1!-

List A: This is where your main focus should be. Place the tasks that need to be done either today or within the next few days. Even put stuff on there that you have been procrastinating about that needs to get done! The idea is not to overwhelm yourself so I would suggest just put 3 on this list as a maximum at any one time

List B: This list is still quite important but urgent action isn’t quite as necessary. This is for tasks that need to be done in the next week or so or those you have been putting off yet would like to finally tick off the list. Write about 3-6 tasks on this list, no more.

List C: This is the list that to be honest, you may never even finish! You could have tasks on this list that have been on there for weeks or months! Yeah you can round to doing some of the stuff if you have a spare window in your schedule but nothing that requires your urgent attention.

Great, now you’re thinking you have 3 lists instead of one BUT the beauty is, you will really only focus on list A which forces you to switch all your focus on the most important tasks at hand, in return you will be even more productivce.




This I think is a skill to master. Some people find it hard and admittedly, I have found it hard to say no to people too in the past. Not so much because it’s seen as being a people pleaser as such but just that your motivation and sense of achievement can get in the way which is why we can say YES a lot! If you find your saying yes more so than no to work projects and extra responsibilities then ultimately you will find your productivity will decrease as you end up chasing your tail and not ever getting anything done as you juggle too many balls in the air!

– Saying No Tips –

  1. Be honest with you as the number one! Can you really manage another work productive?
  2. Look for a win win situation as an alternative could be coming to a compromise?
  3. Be clear with your reasons for saying no and highlight boundaries. Maybe you can let a new boss or business partner know that you only work on certain days of the week due to family commitments which would make them understand the meaning behind your no.



  1. Spend the next 7 days getting into bed early and getting that shut-eye!
  2. Enjoy working from your new ‘Priority A’ to-do list.
  3. The next time you have the opprtunity to say NO to someone, say NO!


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If you are a busy entrepreneur or a hard working professional and are struggling with the negative effects of stress and business burnout then get in touch! Don’t make the mistakes I made and leave stress unchecked as it can take you to some dark states places that you may not come back from in a timely fashion! Learn from my experiences with stress so you can be the best version for your business, career, relationships and most importantly, yourself!

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