About Jen

About Jen

Have you ever experienced the magic? The times when everything seems to ‘flow’ and fall into place? Those moments where you are creative, experience loads of great insights and feel ‘on top of your game’? If you are not in what I call your ‘sweet spot’ then you are not alone.

A lot of people simply are not living in their sweet spot which made me think there is something getting in the way.. an obstacle that obstructs deep within the physical as well as the mental.

If you ask anyone, what is it that they want from life? More often or not, people would say to ‘be happy’ but it’s unfortunate to see so many people struggling to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

What is the most common and consistent factor that affects your happiness?


75-90% of all doctor visits are due to stress related illnesses and the total number of working days lost due to stress in 2016 was 11.7 million and 12.5 million in 2017 and no doubt will continue to increase.

Hi, my name is Jen Edwards-Robinson, a Mum and multi-award winning entrepreneur who loves helping others along their journey, but I wasn’t always in the position to give back. I got myself into a lot of trouble health wise which had my well-being spiral out of control down into the depths of severe depression which came from business burnout. At the height of my illness, and for some unknown reason rooted deep down within, I felt a strong resistance against taking medication. This lead me to seek alternative natural resources as it dawned on me, it’s not just the physical side of wellness one must concentrate on but also the mental.

I help busy entrepreneurs and hard-working professional recover from the damaging effects of stress and business burnout fast. I believe all you need is CARDIO, STRENGTH, BALANCE and GOOD NUTRITION for Vitality in your life which is the methodology I stumbled across and learned the hard way to conquer my life’s stresses. We all strive for happiness and success and if you want to unlock the secret in achieving optimum health and want to supercharge your wellness, I am the one to help you. Since 2012, I have been operating businesses in China, England and online and offer ‘From Burnout To Breakthrough’, a rapid transformation programme which comes with a guarantee to get you to your optimum health.

Based on my experience, I have found that your overall health and wellness face a major challenge in today’s stressful modern world when it comes to trying to keep happy and healthy at work and at home..

I have formulated an integrated method which has been tried and tested to overcome the power of stress. To combat the negative effects it can bring to your physical and mental health and this well honed approach can help you to override any difficult situation with practice.

I have also created various plans and an online support network and what’s more, am an expert in delivering services that will help you get to your true optimum health. My Breakthroughers love that I understand their mission, nurture their abilities and capture their motivation to strive for more. And most of all, how together we transform a journey into something that is unimaginable.

I believe your wellness is seen as an accurate and authentic expression of you. I have been perfecting my craft as a Life Transformation Specialist, leading people through their wellness journeys. I have worked alongside some amazing people from all different levels of wellness. Those who are starting from scratch again to those who want to build from their current situation into something greater than what they are.

I have witnessed and captured some very special achievements amongst my Breakthroughers.

I am up against a whole range of challenges . Firstly, some people come in with many objections, fears and mental blocks that they need to face along their journey. You have one life and one body so therefore only one chance to design the life that you want. So you absolutely must have someone who is master of their craft . As a Life Transformation Specialist, you need to be aware of both the physical and mental aspects of the client, with room to be flexible and self reliant, offer all the key moments and experienced enough to anticipate the possible obstacles and challenges the journey will present. Secondly, most of my Breakthroughers value discretion which means that I won’t treat your wellness journey like ‘a one size fits all.’ Using the most effective techniques and tools that have helped me, my approach is designed around your own unique individual desires which will capture and achieve every important goal for your journey, without any disruption to your flow and experience.

The greatest compliment that I have received is how enjoyable their life has become. I am not here to fix your wellness, I am here to enhance your wellness as a whole which leads to a better quality of life. In doing this, my breakthroughers tend to be surprised how easy our plans are implemented into their lives. Thirdly, occasionally, some breakthroughers find it hard and struggle with change that this may bring to their lives. I am are very aware of the emotional tensions that a wellness journey may bring and react accordingly, moving away from any sense of nervousness and stress.

Long term health and long term happiness comes from being inline with your magic. When your behaviours are in line with your intuition, this is what I call magic and what we I aiming for you to achieve – I want to bring out the magic that lies within everyone effortlessly. When our behaviours are in line with our intuition – this is called flow. Together we identify which blocks are getting in the way of your ‘flow’

I always aim to be mindful on anyone’s personal endeavour to become physically and mentally true to their natural fitness ability. I want you to enjoy the experience! One of the most exciting moments for my breakthroughers are when they start seeing results and the opportunity to keep up the motivation. It’s a timeless reminder of a very if not the most important life project you can take. To achieve optimum health is the ultimate goal in wellness. I support you every step of the way, you, your loved one and the ones you care about you the most will also enjoy sharing the success and results with you.

I take your physical and mental wellness to the next level as I provide both an online and offline community along with step by step formula to help you become an athlete in today’s modern world and to help reconnect you with your inner magic.

Many thanks for inviting me on your journey… Jen x

PS: Together we can do this!

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